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Herefordshire Mammal Group (Previously known as Herefordshire Action for Mammals - HAM) is dedicated to the conservation of mammals in Herefordshire.  We aim to teach people about mammals and to encourage them to learn more about them by taking action themselves. 

Our activities include recording the distribution and population size of mammals throughout Herefordshire, conservation work, workshops and training days, talks and visits, providing advice on species and habitat conservation and identifying threats to local habitats. We also provide opportunities for students to expand their practical experience in working with mammals. 


Events are added as they become confirmed.  Some events may not be advertised for various reasons, so if you have a particular interest please contact a member of the committee or the species co-ordinator

Check out our Events Calendar for full information. 


Available now!  Click the document.


  • HMG on Facebook

    The Herefordshire Mammal Group, which includes Herefordshire's Bat Group, now has a presence on Facebook.
    If you would like to join the group, please click the linked icon.

  • Found a Grounded Bat?

     you find an injured or grounded bat please contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s national bat helpline on 0345 1300 228.

  • National Bat Monitoring Program

    HMG members are regularly involved in monitoring local bat roosts.  Lots of events going on this year; check the Events Calendar for details

  • National Dormouse Monitoring Program

    Licensed HMG members are involved in regular dormouse box monitoring.  If you are interested in possibly getting involved in dormouse work, why not ask to join one of our team?

  • Local Development Issues

    If you have concerns about wildlife related to planning or development in Herefordshire, check the linked page

  • Herefordshire Bats

    If you have a particular interest in bats, take a look at this independent Facebook page.

The Herefordshire Mammal Group
Join us and discover mammals in Herefordshire

£ £ £   Funding and Grants Expertise Required   £ £ £

HMG are seeking someone to assist in our search for suitable sources of funding for The Herefordshire Mammal Atlas project.  If you have any experience in grant applications and are willing to help us with this task on a voluntary basis, please contact us.

The Herefordshire
Mammal Atlas

Baseline data for the Mammal Atlas is now in progress. Several of the Atlases are complete.  Click on the links in the margin to review the results so far.

A new and informative book by HMG member and Chairman of The Mammal Society, Johnny Birks.

Johnny’s new book tells of the history of the polecat and it's recovery in Britain.  He looks at polecat behaviour, including his own radio-tracking study and looks at relationships between polecats and ferrets.  He explores the challenges of studying a secretive, nocturnal mammal and how road casualties are used to monitor the polecat's changing distribution.
146 pages with colour photographs and b/w illustrations: £15

Please contact HMG to order your copy (signed if you wish)!

We Need Your Photographs of British Mammals

We are looking to add more photographs of Herefordshire species on our website and are seeking pictures of mammals, their tracks and signs.  In order not to infringe any copyright issues we invite our membership to contribute to this request!  

If you have any photographs that you have personally taken and that you are happy for us to use, please send them to HMG for review at hmg2013@btinternet.com

We will probably have to resize them and may have to crop them a little too but either way, any that we use we will acknowlege the owner.  Also, please tell us where you took the photo; just the general area will do.

Many thanks!