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Herefordshire Mammal Group (Previously known as Herefordshire Action for Mammals - HAM) is dedicated to the conservation of mammals in Herefordshire.  We aim to teach people about mammals and to encourage them to learn more about them by taking action themselves. 

Our activities include recording the distribution and population size of mammals throughout Herefordshire, conservation work, workshops and training days, talks and visits, providing advice on species and habitat conservation and identifying threats to local habitats. We also provide opportunities for students to expand their practical experience in working with mammals. 


Events are added to our website as they become confirmed.  Many are first listed on our FaceBook page.  Some events may not be advertised for various reasons, so if you have a particular interest please contact a member of the committee or the species co-ordinator

Check out our Events Calendar for full information.  

  • HMG on Facebook

    The Herefordshire Mammal Group, which includes Herefordshire's Bat Group, now has a presence on Facebook.
    If you would like to join the group, please click the linked icon.

  • Found a Grounded Bat?

     you find an injured or grounded bat please contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s national bat helpline on 0345 1300 228.

  • National Bat Monitoring Program

    HMG members are regularly involved in monitoring local bat roosts.  Lots of events going on this year; check the Events Calendar for details

  • National Dormouse Monitoring Program

    Licensed HMG members are involved in regular dormouse box monitoring.  If you are interested in possibly getting involved in dormouse work, why not ask to join one of our team?

  • Local Development Issues

    If you have concerns about wildlife related to planning or development in Herefordshire, check the linked page

  • Herefordshire Bats

    If you have a particular interest in bats, take a look at this independent Facebook page.

The Herefordshire Mammal Group
Join us and discover mammals in Herefordshire

The Herefordshire
Mammal Atlas

The Atlas is now available to download from our Mammal Altas page

Britain's Mammals: A Field Guide to the Mammals of Britain and  Ireland
This easy-to-use book provides an introduction to every mammal recorded in Britain and Ireland which includes details of different species habitat, feeding behaviour,  breeding biology and  the latest information on status, population and distribution.  It also contains descriptions of key field signs, including tracks, scats and nests.

In addition, guidance is provided on other ways of studying and observing mammals, including small mammal trapping, bat detecting, whale watching.   It is available from a number of well-known book suppliers such as Amazon and  NHBS . 


Johnny Birks publication on Pine Martens, the 6th volume in the Whittet Books British Natural History Series, is now available to purchase  from the usual outlets such as NHBS, Amazon etc. 

The pine marten is currently making the headlines locally and nationally in Britain and Ireland so this is the time to learn more about the ecology and behavior of this mischievous mammal.   This book follows Johnny’s publication on Polecats, the 5th volume of the Whittet Books Series.