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* * * Notice to commercial organisations and consultants requiring Herefordshire mammal records * * *
At present, HMG does not retain or maintain a database of the mammal recordings it receives; all data is submitted to the Herefordshire Biological Record Centre for storage.  Therefore, any commercial organisation or consultant requiring information for the purpose of development should contact the HBRC at the address within the article on the Mammal Records page.

Where available, please use any of the following email links or the online facility below to contact HMG:

General Enquiries - will be directed to a nominated committee member who will forward your message to the appropriate person

Chairperson (and Bat Co-ordinator)
Denise Foster

Mike Bailey

Treasurer (and membership subscriptions)

Mike Coleman

Membership Secretary
Leigh Russell

Other Committee Members
Dave Smith - Small Mammal Co-ordinator
David Lee

Co-opted Committee Members 
Ann Bowker - Dormouse Coordinator

Bat (and other mammal) Issues
Refer to our Grounded Bat web page.  If you still wish to contact us, use our General Enquiries email.  Remember to tell us where you are; we have very limited resources and Herefordshire is a large county!

Mammal Sightings
If you would like to report a sighting you are welcome to use the form below, but please refer to our Mammal Records page for information on the details required.

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