Herefordshire Bat Atlas

The Herefordshire Mammal Atlas was conceived many years ago, but has only been actively progressed since 2014.  The publication of the Herefordshire Bat Atlas is the first instalment towards HMG's goal of providing a comprehensive atlas of our all of our county's mammals.  This first edition of the Bat Atlas has been collated by two of HMG's leading bat experts, Denise Foster and David Lee.  It is intended to be a baseline document and one that will help us identify where future effort is required to obtain additional bat records. 

The Herefordshire Bat Atlas is free to download here.  However, please be mindful that the content is copyright protected and should not be used without permission from Denise or David via HMG.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future editions of the Bat Atlas, please contact Denise Foster through HMG


HMG wish to thank:

  • HBRC for supplying the majority of the bat records
  • HMG members and others from outside the county who helped on bat box checks, trapping sessions and bat surveys to increase our records database
We are also very grateful to:
  • Landowners for allowing us access to carry out surveys.  These include the Forestry Commission, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Diocese of Hereford and individual private landowners